BRiGHTBLACK create immersive playable culture

Our work has featured at Tate Modern and toured to 36 nations in the past 15 years

Our research and expertise centres around the use of immersive technologies, real time engines, artificial intelligence, electronic music, digital video and software development for story making, live performance and interactive artworks

"Art to question the world, be seen, heard, felt, smelt and acted upon" THREE WEEKS *****

We are creators of Immersive StoryLab, an educational course, design tool & consultation package which has been deployed through 47 editions around the world with clients including Sydney Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, National Gallery, British Council, NIDA, SOAS & a broad range of cultural & educational institutions around the globe.

“One of the most notable names in Europe to be dealing with VR” CINEUROPA

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