BRiGHTBLACK performing The Black Rabbit at Gazelli Art House, London during the 2020 pandemic

A cinematic, live performance video-game walkthrough + music experience, narrated + performed live IRL + on Twitch. Also a downloadable game.

Two people meet to play the video game everyone is talking about but no one says why. As they play, the game takes the shape of their childhoods and the real and unreal begin to blur. 

BRiGHTBLACK re-created one night from each of our childhoods in a real-time engine during dark lockdown nights and plotted the story from inside our worlds, accounting for all iterations of pandemic restrictions.

// One hour, for any combination of real and / or streamed audiences. Available to download and play via Gamejolt. //

The Black Rabbit premiered at Gazelli Arthouse, London in the midst of the pandemic and we are hoping to bring it back from 2022.

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